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Covid-19 Thailand – Latest Updates (1st July, 2020)

  • +2 New Cases
  • 3,173 people infected
  • 3,059 discharged from hospital
  • 58 dead (+0)


Thailand extends Covid-19 state of emergency for 3rd time

THAILAND’S military-backed government extended the country’s state of emergency for a third time, to July 31, even as a drop in Covid-19 coronavirus infections led officials to relax a lockdown.

The step is needed to maintain vigilance as most businesses resume operations from July 1 and travel restrictions for visitors from some countries are eased, according to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

“Cases worldwide have reached more than 10 million,” Prayuth said after the Cabinet backed the extension on Tuesday.

“We can’t be careless even though we only have a few thousand cases here. This has to do with public health and has nothing to do with my power.”

Former army chief Prayuth seized power in a military coup in 2014, ruled at the head of a junta for five years and returned as leader after last year’s disputed election, held under rules crafted during the junta’s tenure.

His government has said the emergency decree is an apolitical tool to counter the spread of the pathogen.

Thailand’s has detected just 3,171 coronavirus cases, the majority of which have recovered, and there’s been no local transmission in the past 36 days.

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Thailand lets in some foreigners, opens schools

BANGKOK — Thailand has begun a fifth phase of relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions, allowing the reopening of schools and high-risk entertainment venues such as pubs and massage parlours that had been shut since mid-March.

It also is allowing in foreign visitors on a controlled basis, limiting entry to those with existing family or work ties to the country, students, technical experts for businesses, investors and specially invited VIPs. Scheduled passenger flights to Thailand were suspended in early April.

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