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Thailand – A Medical Tourism Hub

Southeast Asia’s most visited travel destination is Thailand. Hundreds of tourists from over the world visit the nation, which is well-known for its stunning beaches and lush jungles. Thailand continues to be a well-liked destination in Asia for several additional reasons, including the low cost of living, excellent cuisine, and welcoming people.

Thirteen hospitals in Thailand and Singapore were accredited by Joint Commission International, a group that supports high medical standards in more than 90 nations. Bumrungrad was the first hospital in Asia to comply with the criteria in 2002. Compared to Singapore’s nine institutions, 17 more in Thailand gained accreditation over the past three years.

However, Kulyk said that Thailand shines in terms of cost. According to its website, Bumrungrad provides a package for heart bypass surgery that includes a week’s stay for about $19 000, compared to at least US$80 000 in the US for a patient without health insurance.

Kulyk, who founded Global Healthcare Connections after a close friend passed away from cancer after a late diagnosis, said that although heart surgery is far less expensive in Canada due to long wait times, people are increasingly seeking treatment abroad.

She cited the lengthy travel time and why Thailand was less well-liked by Canadians than Mexico, the Cayman Islands, South Korea, and other locations. However, Thailand started earlier than these other countries, so they have had more time to work very hard on this programme and comprehend the needs of the foreign visitor.

Thailand’s widespread appeal as a vacation destination contributes partly to the success of medical tourism there. Bangkok is the only city in the world to anticipate 16 million foreign tourists this year. More than 900 000 of these are expected to seek medical attention as more and more people from around the world visit Thai hospitals and clinics.

Other Asian nations are anticipated to remain Thailand’s main competitors as the multibillion-dollar medical tourism sector matures, with patients likely to favour domestic locations more and more, according to Mays and Kulyk.