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The Original Thai Resort – Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand. It’s located on the Gulf of Thailand and has been a popular destination since its founding by King Rama V in 1917. The city has become a significant tourist destination, with over 2 million visitors visiting its famous beaches, temples, restaurants and hotels annually. It’s located about 150 km (93 mi) south of Bangkok. Hua Hin has been one of Thailand’s most popular destinations for decades due to its warm weather, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Hua Hin is not just known for tourists; many locals live here too! Many tourists come here because they want something different than what they can get back in their own country but also because they want something more affordable than what they’d find elsewhere in Asia, like Singapore or Hong Kong, where prices tend to be higher than those found here at times.

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Hua Hin beach

Hua Hin Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Thailand, with white sand beaches attracting tourists from all over the world every year.

The best time to visit this place would be between November and March when fewer tourists are visiting it due to monsoon season, which makes it more peaceful & quiet than other times during the year.

Pone Kingpetch Statue

The statue of Pone Kingpetch is a popular tourist attraction located on the main road. The bronze statue was sculpted by Phra Nutthi Wachirawut, depicting Pone Kingpetch in his boxing stance. The figure stands 2 meters tall and has been placed in front of Hua Hin’s Royal Palace Hotel.

Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin Railway Station, the first station of its kind in Thailand, was built in 1916. It is a beautiful example of the era’s architecture and has been renovated to become a tourist attraction. The station was designed by Italian architect Mario Tamagno who also designed Bangkok’s Grand Palace and Wat Phra Yai Chinnarat (the Temple of Peace). This national monument is now listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list as part of “Siam” for its historical importance to Siam’s development and for being one of only three remaining railway stations before World War I.

Night market


The night market is great for souvenirs, clothing and food. Food stalls sell many Thai dishes, including seafood and noodles. The night market is open every day from 4 pm to midnight. It’s located on the main road near the beach, where you can enjoy shopping or just hanging out with friends after a long day at Hua Hin National Park.

Wat Khao Takiab-Chopsticks Mountain Temple

The Wat Khao Takiab-Chopsticks Mountain Temple is a Buddhist temple on top of Khao Takiab, a mountain in Hua Hin. The temple is one of the most famous landmarks of Hua Hin.

The temple also has an impressive collection of Buddha images and statues from various periods, including small sculptures from Thailand’s Sukhothai period (13th century).

The central part of this complex consists of an L-shaped building with two wings connected by a walkway over the moat surrounding Wat Khao Phansa (Mountain Temple).

Phraya Nakhon Cave and Cave Temple Khuha Karai

If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider visiting Phraya Nakhon Cave and Cave Temple Khuha Karai. The former is the largest of its kind in Asia and was used as a shelter by local people during the rainy season. It’s now named after Chao Phraya Nakhon, who ruled from 1782 to 1809.

The latter is known as “Khum Karon” or “Cave of Crystals” due to its naturally occurring formations resembling crystals from limestone walls. Villagers discovered the cave in 1937 after they found these beautiful formations inside it!

The Venezia Hua Hin

The Venezia Hua Hin is located on the beachfront, just 20 minutes from the Hua Hin city centre, by car. It has an Italian restaurant and bar with a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy Italian food and culture. Several other dining options are also available, such as Thai seafood and Indian and Western cuisine.

The hotel features an elegant lobby area with a piazza area where guests can meet each other while they wait for their table or go up to their rooms after dinner.

The rooms come in different sizes, so there is something for everyone! They all have internet access, but some also have TV channels like Star Movies or HBO available through satellite television sets installed in every room (with additional fees).


In conclusion, Hua Hin is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. It has a relaxed atmosphere, great food and drinks, and beautiful beaches. The city is also home to many historical sites that tell stories about the history of Thailand. Hua Hin has something for everyone who loves nature as well as history!